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GeoMedia Grid layers

by Technical Evangelist on ‎10-09-2019 12:36 PM (77 Views)


How are grid layers created in Grid Analysis?


There are five ways to create new grid layers in Grid Analysis:


  1. Grid layers can be imported using the Import command.

          * Non-square cells are not supported by Grid Analysis.


  1. A vector feature class can be rasterized to create a grid layer using the Rasterize Features command.
  2. A new, blank (univalued) grid layer can be created using the New command.
  3. A grid layer can be duplicated in the same Study Area, using the Duplicate command, or copied (and reprojected, if necessary) to a different Study Area, using the Reproject command.  Alternately, a Study Area and all the grid layers belonging to it can be duplicated using the Duplicate command.
  4. A grid layer is created every time an analysis command is executed. This is probably the most common means of adding grid layers to a Study Area.
  5. Grid layers at the top lefthand corner of the Study Area will have an origin of 0,0. Other positions will have row/column origins relative to this. Rows progress downward and columns progress left to right.