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Graphic Text Features in GML

by Technical Evangelist on ‎02-15-2016 08:44 AM - edited on ‎04-06-2016 06:26 PM by Moderator (382 Views)


Is there another method to support graphics text in GML? Will graphics text be supported in GML specification by OGC or Intergraph?


It is not likely text geometry will be supported by GML since  the separation of the geometry and the symbology is a deliberate design goal of GML. Most people do not want to be constrained to display text in some form defined in the file storage. The text one may want to see may not be the text another wants to see. So letting the user generate the text from an attribute or combination of attributes or any other rules is highly preferred by many users. In order to store the actual text including the text size, font, colour or other symbology one should look at other file formats such as the XML based SVG format which is very similar to GML but is focused on 2D data and stores the symbology inside the file.