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How can I create a polyline between 2 point features

by Technical Evangelist on ‎07-18-2016 02:42 PM (1,310 Views)


I have two queries ("StartQry" and "EndQry", both point features), that are the result of Functional Attribute queries. Each query has a common ID column. How could one use Aggregation and/or Functional Attributes to draw a line between the points with common IDs in "StartQry and EndQry"?


You should be able to use the join command to join the two recordsets and then input the joined results into the following expression in the Functional Attributes command

CREATEPOLYLINE(Geometry1, Geometry2)

where Geometry1 is point from first recordset Geometry2 is point from second recordset.

An alternative solution would be to Input the StartQry and EndQry features into the Aggregation command.  If we define the EndQry point as the summary feature and the StartQry as the detail feature we could then use the Attributes tab to relate the 2 tables by attributes; the expression to draw the line might look like the following:

CREATEPOLYLINE(FIRST(Detail.Geometry), Input.Geometry)