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How to serve "GraphicsTextString" for cells containing text

by Technical Evangelist on ‎03-01-2017 09:32 AM (548 Views)


How does one serve "GraphicsTextString" for cells containing text?


Users want to serve the text of a cell as an attribute of the point geometry served in GeoMedia.


This would help in transportation workflows where the user really needs a point geometry attributed with the text so it can be symbolized as a highway shield and labeled with the highway number.


Below is a method to do this:

1.Define CAD Feature in .csd to serve both point and text geometry. Set point as primary.
2.Create .ini file and set SERVE TEXT GEOMETRY:TRUE
3.Select .ini in .csd file.
4.In GWS, use Functional Attributes, GRAPHICSTEXTSTRING(input.textgeometry).