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How to use GeoMedia Functional Attributes to view point features in Google and Bing maps

by Technical Evangelist on ‎02-26-2016 02:46 PM - edited on ‎04-06-2016 06:09 PM by Moderator (2,052 Views)


Is there a means to pass view point features from GeoMedia in either Google Maps or Bing maps?


The hypertext attribute data type in GeoMedia Professional gives a user the ability to pass attribute values of URL's that will open a web browser to a specific webpage. Adding the power of Functional Attributes to create a functional expression allows the user to build a URL based on the X,Y of a point feature to show that feature in either Google or Bing maps.


Identify a point feature class in GeoMedia Professional that the user wishes to have displayed in Google or Bing maps.

Use Analysis>Functional Attributes to create a query against the point feature class to create a NEW output functional attribute of Format: Hypertext (this is critical and gives the attribute value the ability to open a web browser to the specified URL)

For display in Google Maps use the following Expression to build the URL with each point features X,Y values:




For display in Bing Maps  use the following Expression to build the URL with each point features X,Y values:

''+ROUND(Y(Input.Geometry, TrueMeas, Degree), 6)+'_'+ROUND(X
(Input.Geometry, TrueMeas, Degree), 6)+'&lvl=12&sty=b'


Where Geometry = the geometry column of the point feature class. A screen shot illustrating the Bing Maps example in the Functional Attribute dialog is attached for reference.

Choose 'Add' to have the Functional Attribute created and 'Ok' on the main query dialog to Run optionally choosing to display the output in the map and/or data window.  Access the created URL by clicking on the Hypertext attribute value in either the Attribute properties dialog or Data window. This will open a new browser session with a point displayed for the feature that has been selected.

Advanced users can use this URL build as a starting point to a more customized example by searching the web for more information on building Google and Bing Maps URLs