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Inserting vertices on polygons using regular distances

by Anonymous on ‎03-15-2016 08:43 AM - edited on ‎04-06-2016 11:33 AM by Moderator (426 Views)


How does one insert vertices along the lines of a polygon, using regular distances?



You could use a manual or automated workflow depending on how many features you have to update. If you only have 1 polygon, do it manually. If you have 100’s+, you would be better off doing it automatically.

Manual workflow –

  1. Turn Endpoint snaps on and coincident editing.
  2. Edit feature - insert a vertex at the end point of the lines, to ensure they are coincident.


Automated Workflow -

  1. Run Proportion Geometry- the lines can be broken based on a regular distance.
  2. Run Validate Areas - this will flag the polygons that need to be updated due to new vertexes in the underlying line work
  3. Run Fix Areas -to update the polygons to reflect the new vertexes.