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Is a Warehouse Configuration File required to define the coordinate system for an ArcView connection

by Technical Evangelist on ‎02-26-2016 02:39 PM - edited on ‎04-06-2016 06:10 PM by Moderator (716 Views)


GeoMedia versions prior to 2013 required a warehouse configuration file (.ini) be created to identify coordinate system file information for a ArcView data server connections to a Shapefile folder. Is a .ini file still required.


GeoMedia 2013 and later versions no longer require the creation of a .ini file to define the coordinate system for the shapefile data. Instead GeoMedia will read the coordinate system file information from the the native ESRI .prj file provided an appropriate .prj file exists in the ArcView Shapefile folder.


In GeoMedia 2013 and later version the ArcView data server will create the connection and populate the feature class coordinate system with the information taken from the .prj present ensuring proper spatial representation of the Arc View themes when added to the legend.


*If the .prj file information is not available, GeoMedia’s Define Warehouse Configuration File utility can still be sued to create a warehouse configuration (.ini) file to define an appropriate coordinate system via the COORDINATE SYSTEM keyword as per previous versions of the software.