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Moving GM Grid Study Areas from a Microsoft Access warehouse to an SQL warehouse

by Technical Evangelist on ‎11-05-2019 05:49 AM (159 Views)


How do I migrate my Study Area information from a Microsoft Access warehouse to an SQL warehouse?


Use the following workflow:


  1. Open the workspace that is connected to the source warehouse that contains the Study Areas to be copied.
  2. Create a read-write connection to the destination warehouse.
  3. If there are map features other than Study Areas that need to be copied, use the Output to Feature Classes command to copy these features to the destination warehouse. However, do not select any of the Study Area features (names starting with MFCom*) to be copied by the Output to Feature Classes 
  4. Use the Duplicate Study Area command to recreate the study areas from the source warehouse as new Study Areas in the destination warehouse. When prompted, enter the directory path where the Study Area data should be stored on the local system.
  5. Close or delete the source warehouse connection from the workspace.
  6. Save the workspace.