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Multi-user configurations with SQL Server

by Technical Evangelist on ‎07-21-2016 08:38 AM (394 Views)


A customer would like to set up a configuration with GeoMedia clients connected to SQL Server databases. The required configuration is the following :

  • user A with GeoMedia : Read-Write access to database A, Read-Only access to database B
  • user B with GeoMedia : Read-Write access to database B, Read-Only access to database A
  • user C with GeoMedia : Read-Only access to databases A and B

How is it possible to achieve this configuration?


It is not possible with a single connection but GeoMedia does support SQL privileges. Just make sure you have assigned the correct privileges in SQL server. A read-only only user typically has only the DATAREADER role assigned. For example, you can make 2 connections with User A, one to the Read-Write database A (where User A is assigned full privilege) and one to the Read-Only database B (where User A is assigned DATAREADER privileges).

SQL privileges for each database can be assigned via the Security tab. Just assign the user the appropriate privilege for the database in question. A single user can have different types of access privilege for each database that exists.

The only caveat with the SQL server database is that each GeoMedia connection allows access to only one database.