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Silent installation of GeoMedia Desktop 16.2 configured with 2016 GeoMedia German Language Pack

by psmith on ‎03-05-2018 01:02 PM (872 Views)

Find below, example steps for silent installation of GeoMedia Desktop 16.2 configured with 2016 GeoMedia German Language Pack build 20040. This is a brief example only which assumes no GeoMedia is currently installed; See the GeoMedia Installation Guide topic called "Installing GeoMedia in Silent Mode" for full details and options for silent installations: 


Getting Started:

  • Ensure .Net 4.5 or higher is installed.
  • Get Windows updates first and reboot system.
  • Be sure to create command (DOS) window created using the right-click (Run as Administrator option).


Command Line Installation Steps:

  1. Install GeoMedia Desktop 16.00.0000.10267
    • setup.exe /s GeoMedia /ni ACCEPT_EULA=1
  2. Run Update.exe for GeoMedia Desktop 16.00.0000.20059
    • Update.exe /S /v/qn
  3. Install GeoMedia Desktop German Language Pack 16.00.0000.20040
    • setup.exe /s GermanGM /ni ACCEPT_EULA=1 INSTALLDIR=\\\"C:\Program Files (x86)\Hexagon\\\"
    • Note: This command line should run against Language pack installation Setup.exe
  4. Run Update.exe for GeoMedia Desktop 16.00.0000.20114
    • Update.exe /S /v/qn
  5. Run Update.exe for German Language Pack 16.00.0000.20065
    • Update.exe /S /v/qn
  6. * Configure German Language (see important notes below first)
    • setup.exe /s GeoMedia /c GeoMedia
    • IMPORTANT NOTES before running command line for step 6: 

(a) This command line should be run using the Setup.exe from step 1, (the setup.exe from main GeoMedia Desktop build 10267).
(b) Before running this command line, you need to edit / prepare the Intergraph.GeoMedia.ConfigurationWizard.exe.config file (see below):


Configuration of the .config file:
The configuration process will read the language, application tier, and license server name (if specified) from the Intergraph.GeoMedia.ConfigurationWizard.exe.config found in the %INSTALLDIR%\GeoMedia Professional\Program folder which is typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Hexagon\GeoMedia Professional\Program


Before running the configuration (step 6 above), consider replacing the existing C:\Program Files (x86)\Hexagon\GeoMedia Professional\Program\Intergraph.GeoMedia.ConfigurationWizard.exe.config with a copy that has been edited to suit your environment


The following is a snippet or extract only showing only the relevant value settings for:

  • LicenseServerName which is defined as an example to "@MY_LIC_SERVER"
  • RuntimeLCID (language) which is defined as an example to value of 7 (German Language)
  • Tier which is defined by example to value of 2 which is GeoMedia Professional tier (0 = Essentials, 1= Advantage)
    A full example the .config file can be seen in GeoMedia Help topic: 

<setting name="LicenseServerName" serializeAs="String">
<setting name="RuntimeLCID" serializeAs="String">
<setting name="Tier" serializeAs="String">