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SmartStore files versus feature caching regarding display speed

by Technical Evangelist on ‎08-24-2016 05:51 AM (640 Views)


What are the advantages or disadvantages of using SmartStore files versus feature caching regarding display speed?


The SmartStore server takes cached data put in files that are spatially organized and puts a data server over that content.  The data can have a spatial filter applied to it and as such makes the client interaction relatively fast.  It is read only and is out of sync with its original data source.  It is primarily used as a backdrop to other data.  GeoMedia does not take advantage of its spatially organized content other than to apply spatial filters to limit its results.  Otherwise it is a sequential processed content and in many workflows can actually slow down processing time. 


The feature cache is also a high performance cache, but it also stays in sync with the server changes so changes in the server are reflected/updated within the cache.  Spatial as well as attribute filters can be applied to the cache.  Also the feature cache can be directly used by the GeoMedia display system to avoid having to rebuild/build a display cache.  This can greatly optimize start up speeds minimize memory usage and provides general performance improvements in all product areas.  When doing analysis you always want to limit what you are having to process so some attention needs to be paid to when you want access to all the data or only some of it.  That being said the feature cache once created is very fast in many workflows and you can still put other filters on top of it while getting standard read/write database functionality.