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Using Named Legends with Different Layout Map Types

by Technical Evangelist on ‎02-15-2016 07:45 AM - edited on ‎04-06-2016 06:29 PM by Moderator (438 Views)



When composing layout sheets in Batch Plotting, you have the option to place four different types of maps:

  • Base map
  • Over map
  • Locator Index map
  • Adjoining Index map

Each of these map types are unique in terms of their definitions, however they all share common parameters. A map extent definition used to identify the geographic footprint of each map, and a named legend definition used to identify the map content and the symbology of the map features. The Overview and Index maps contain graphics that are determined dynamically and added to the named legend during processing.


Due to the dynamic nature of this process, it is recommended that each map placed in the layout sheet use a different named legend. The content of these named legends can be the same, but the names of the named legends should be unique. When Batch Plotting composes layout sheets, it creates temporary map windows using the named legends specified for each map type. If these sheets are exported as GeoMedia Layout Sheets (.gls), and then re-imported into the Layout Window, a new Map Window will be created for each map found in the layout sheet, using the originating named legend to define the content. If there are duplicate named legends used within a composition, it is likely that the map frames will contain the same information, matching the duplicate named legends.