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Utilizing existing boundaries when digitizing new parcels.

by Anonymous on ‎02-12-2016 01:22 PM - edited on ‎04-06-2016 12:22 PM by Moderator (413 Views)


Customer wants to digitize a new subdivision.  They want to use the existing boundaries as part of their input.  For example when they digitize the out boundaries we just want to use the top and left blue lines rather than key in a distance and bearing for those. How this can be achieved?



Here is how you can reference existing lines or line endpoint for the input of new COGO information. This assumes that you want to enter in the new information via COGO based on the coordinate geometry/precision placement information.

CASE 1: New COGO Points

  1. Place new COGO points [11, New Point] at the targeted intersection points.
  2. This will allow the user to start and close on these points.
  3. The user will be able to perform traverse adjustments (Compass Rule) between these points as well to ensure that the error is distributed throughout the traverse.
  4. This will also ensure that the line work is clean when exported to the targeted feature classes [141, Line FeatureClass].
  5. To properly enter this plan (Red lines) you would input multiple traverses that started and closed on the various exterior reference points.
  6. Other internal courses that remain can be quickly and precisely placed in a point to point mode [100, Input Mode | Point to Point].
  7. Tools-Export to Line Feature Class will then integrate the line work into your fabric database.

CASE 2: Generate Courses

  1. Select the existing line work and run Tools-Generate Courses.
  2. This will create the COGO courses that represent the blue lines.
  3. Use these courses and points to create the new COGO plan.
  4. Continue similar to above 3+

Once the line work has been integrated you can run the Validate and Fix Areas commands to determine what parcels (areas) need to be split/merged, etc… and have the command automatically perform the splits, etc…