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GeoMedia Desktop 2020 Release Announcement (v16.6.0.544)

by Moderator 4 weeks ago - edited 4 weeks ago (140 Views)

The Hexagon Geospatial Division is pleased to announce the release of GeoMedia Desktop 2020 (v16.6.0.544).


These products are available for download at the Geospatial downloads website.



Install Instructions:


  • Exit all GeoMedia applications.
  • Uninstall any prior release of GeoMedia Desktop (if installed).
  • Extract the .zip file to a temporary folder location.
  • Double-click the Setup.vbs file to launch the installer.
  • After installation, run the GeoMedia Desktop Configuration Wizard utility.


Please refer to the attached GeoMedia Desktop 2020 installation document.





  • Geospatial Licensing 2020


Fixes and Highlights include:


  • Visual Studio 2017 upgrade
  • Modernized Command Wizard
  • New data server for Excel spreadsheets
  • Expanded support for GeoPackage databases
  • Coordinate systems update
  • Band selection for multi-band images
  • New commands for geotagged photos
  • New spatial operators for feature analysis and grid analysis
  • Software Fixes


For additional release information please refer to the attached GeoMedia 2020 release document.