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GeoMedia Desktop 2020 Update 1 Release Announcement (

by Moderator ‎03-20-2020 09:15 AM - edited ‎03-20-2020 10:12 AM (658 Views)

Hexagon Geospatial is pleased to announce the release of GeoMedia Desktop 2020 Update 1 (v16.6.0.1200).


These products are available for download at the Geospatial downloads website.


This is an update for all three tiers of GeoMedia Desktop 2020 - Essentials, Advantage and Professional. It contains fixes and enhancements..




  • GeoMedia Desktop 2020 version (original release) 
  • Geospatial Licensing 2020


Install Instructions:


  1. Exit all GeoMedia applications.
  2. Ensure that GeoMedia Desktop 2020 version is installed.
  3. Extract the .zip file to some temporary folder location.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Right-click on Update.exe and use the "Run as Administrator" option.
    • From an Administrator command prompt run "Update.exe /S /v/qn" for silent mode execution.
  5. After installation, run the GeoMedia Desktop Configuration Wizard utility.


GeoMedia Desktop 2020 Update 1 is an incremental install on top of the full install of GeoMedia Desktop 2020.



Fixes and Highlights include:


Improvements in the data window 

  • New command Sort Columns provides multi-column sort capability

Enhanced drag-and-drop  

  • Extended support for attached data throughout the product
  • Explorer window allows attached data and queries to be renamed and deleted 
  • Some commands now operate on attached data even when there is no warehouse connection

Improved SVG symbol support 

  • A much wider range of geometries, styles, and transformations from the SVG spec are supported  
  • SVG files may now be served in their entirety as symbols, rather than strictly treating them as symbol libraries containing named symbols

Upgraded Oracle support    

  • Support for long identifiers (table and column names) with Oracle 12.2 and higher   
  • Timestamp data type support

Enhancements in PostGIS support  

  • Connect by service name

Improvements in spatial modeling     

  • The “FeaturesIn” ports of the Union Features operator now accept a List of Features as input


For additional release information including details on the issues resolved please refer to the attached GeoMedia Desktop 2020 release documents.