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GeoMedia, a comprehensive and dynamic GIS, extracts compelling intelligence from geospatial data and integrates it to present actionable information.
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GeoMedia Mapping Manager 2018 Release Announcement (v16.5.0)

by Moderator on ‎03-27-2018 08:48 AM (414 Views)

Hexagon Geospatial is pleased to announce the release of GeoMedia Mapping Manager 2018 (v16.5.0)


GeoMedia Mapping Manager is a bundle that contains two separate products:

  • GeoMedia Map Publisher 2018 (v16.5.0.234)
  • GeoMedia Feature Cartographer 2018 (v16.5.0.84)


 These products are available for download as part of the GeoMedia Mapping Manager bundle available at the Geospatial downloads website.



Install Instructions:


  • Please refer to the attached GeoMedia Map Publisher 2018 and GeoMedia Feature Cartographer 2018 installation documents.




  • GeoMedia Desktop 2018 (Professional tier)


Fixes and Highlights include:


  • Compatibility with GeoMedia Desktop 2018
  • Added the capability to produce hill-shading in batch mode
  • New activation-based licensing
  • Software Fixes


For additional release information please refer to the attached GeoMedia Map Publisher 2018 and GeoMedia Feature Cartographer 2018 release documents.