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GeoMedia PDF 16.2 (16.00.0000.20135) Release Announcement

by Moderator on ‎01-15-2018 07:07 AM (925 Views)

Hexagon Geospatial is pleased to announce the release of GeoMedia PDF 16.2 (16.00.0000.20135)


GeoMedia PDF is an add-on to GeoMedia Desktop that allows you to create highly intelligent georegistered PDF files from map sheets in the layout window of a GeoMedia GeoWorkspace. This minor release of GeoMedia PDF contains enhancements to remove the dependency on Adobe Acrobat, support for translucency, and localization to German; and fixes.
This release has a prerequisite of GeoMedia Desktop 2016 v16.2 Patch #2 (version 16.00.0000.20114) and requires an uninstall of the prior version and full install of v16.2.  


This product is available for download at


Please see the GeoMedia PDF 16.2 release documents attached.

on ‎02-20-2018 01:55 AM

Hi, I need urgently a recommendation for a installation procedure:

clear are the prerequisites as the uninstallation of GeoPDF 2016 and the installation of GeoMedia Desktop 2016 v16.2 Patch #2 (version 16.00.0000.20114).

The latter requires GeoMedia Desktop 2016 v16.1 (16.00.0000.10267 or later).


However, our customer needs as well the GI Toolkit 2016. Therefore the prerequisite is GeoMedia Desktop 2016 v16.0 (16.00.0000.01405).


Thus - is it okay to have the following install routine:

  1. Uninstallation of GeoPDF 2016
  2. Installation: GeoMedia Desktop 2016 v16.0 (16.00.0000.01405)
  3. Installation: GeoMedia Desktop 2016 v16.2 Patch #2 (version 16.00.0000.20114)
  4. Installation: GeoMedia GeoPDF 2016 v16.2 (16.00.0000.20135)

Thank you in advance!!