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Posts: 15
Registered: ‎02-22-2017

FormMap - How to show more than one feature from related feature class and fit to them?



My problem is with form whom I need to configure report where FormMap is involved. What I have?


  1. Somehow complicated Form(I attached it to this message anyway) based on FeatureClass - let me call this as FC1
  2. There is configured FormTab(with label: 'Geometria" and FormGroup named: 'listaGeometrii') in it where is shown geometries list. These list comes from another table(FC2) which is joined to the FC1.
  3. I created another FormTab(called 'test' in xml) with FormMap section.
  4. Now I I'd like to have map embedded with fitted all objects from point no.2. How to that? Is there any way to do that?

Thanks in advanced for any respond.




Paweł Kucharek
Konsultant/Consultant GIS
Posts: 1,036
Registered: ‎10-18-2015

Re: FormMap - How to show more than one feature from related feature class and fit to them?

hi Pawel,


what you can do is to calculate the BBOX of the features you have in the list (using DB capabilities) and then use this values in the range property of your formMap.





Stefano Turcato
Presale Engineer
Hexagon Geospatial
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