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Posts: 63
Registered: ‎02-22-2016

FormMap custom height and width

Hi all,

We have a FormReport that shows output from FormMap. The problem is, the map window in the form is kind of protrait mode, where as our output report has the map that is like landscape mode (different height and width). Due to this, some features which were visible in FormMap were not-at-all appearing in Report. Our client wants to see the FormMap preview exactly as it would appear in Report after generation. How can I achieve that.

Posts: 255
Registered: ‎02-08-2016

Re: FormMap custom height and width



Have you considered changing your FromMap to fit the report by modifying the fitfactor and height ratio?



Posts: 63
Registered: ‎02-22-2016

Re: FormMap custom height and width

Yes.. That didn't help much. We want something like,
Suppose the output form map in report is of dimensions 120mm X 240mm. We want to see same map size in the form's FormMap too.
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