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Posts: 68
Registered: ‎11-12-2015

GE_MERGEPOLYLINES behavior changes in new GMSC 2018

Hi all,


I have a workflow and map feature, where I can create multiline geometry. It worked OK in GMSC 2016 (tested in v. Now I have upgradaded to GMSC 2018 Update 4 (16.5.336.3) and I am not able to create multiline anymore. I am using GE_MERGEPOLYLINES. In earlier version, this function just created multigeometry from selected lines. Now, it joins two selected lines into one simple line with new segment, which is not the behavior I need.


Is there any other way how to create multi line in GMSC 2018?



Posts: 68
Registered: ‎11-12-2015

Re: GE_MERGEPOLYLINES behavior changes in new GMSC 2018

OK, I just tested it a little longer and finally it worked as expected. So it it probably just a random problem (sometimes it creates new segment, sometimes it creates a multi-line).

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