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Super Contributor
Posts: 301
Registered: ‎02-09-2016

GMSC 15 occasionally locks up when launching

HI team,


Our client has GMSC 2015. Recently, when they launch GMSC, the application often locks up, freezes and they have to open the task manager to kill the Java Web Launcher and launch again. Here is an example how GMSC looks when it locks up.


GSMC lock up.jpg


My theory is that possibly something went wrong in rendering the overview map and it ended it up locking up entirely application; however, I haven't found anything concrete to back it up even look through all log files.



Appreciate all suggestions and insights on the issue.


Kind regards,







Super Contributor
Posts: 301
Registered: ‎02-09-2016

Re: GMSC 15 occasionally locks up when launching

[ Edited ]

Hi team,



We finally found that there is a troublesome layer in the overview map, since we removed it, there hasn't been any more GMSC lock ups. However, we haven't figured out why it caused the issue.


Kind regards,  

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