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Frequent Contributor
Posts: 87
Registered: ‎11-17-2015

GMSC - GPS tracking on Windows 10



We need to perform GPS tracking on GMSC running on a Windows Surface tablet (Windows 10).

If I understand correctly the only way today, with GMSC 2016 SP2, is to use an external GPS plugged to the tablet (in USB, sending GPS coordinate to a serial port).

We have to wait for GMSC 2018 release to be able to use the Windows 10 native location API.

Is that correct? 

When is planned the 2018 release?


Thank you.

Best regards,


Frequent Contributor
Posts: 86
Registered: ‎04-02-2017

Re: GMSC - GPS tracking on Windows 10

I'd like to know this also. Our shire staff all have Windows 10 devices, and one of our contractors are looking at purchasing these also.

This would mean they can't use the GPS with Smart Client 2016. I believe they can't even use external GPS devices.


Is there a way to get the GPS working or should I tell them to hold off until GMSC2018?

Posts: 927
Registered: ‎10-18-2015

Re: GMSC - GPS tracking on Windows 10

Hi guys, 


as far as I know Microsoft Surface doesn't have a GPS receiver builtin. By the way in general any device capable of sending NMEA sentences via com port should be viable. 

There is a discussion here where someone has tested some devices. 


In GMSC 2018 the new Windows 10 location API will be supported.




Stefano Turcato
Presale Engineer
Hexagon Geospatial
Posts: 68
Registered: ‎11-20-2015

Re: GMSC - GPS tracking on Windows 10



Could not test it myself, but know from a customer:


When your device has GPS you can useGpsGate Splitter Express: http://gpsgate.com/purchase/gpsgate_client_licenses

With this tool you can send the GPS-Signal to a COM-Port, which you can then select within GMSC.




Frequent Contributor
Posts: 86
Registered: ‎04-02-2017

Re: GMSC - GPS tracking on Windows 10

Hi Stefano,


Any idea when v2018 will be available?

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