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Super Contributor
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Registered: ‎10-12-2015

Hexagon App Launcher silent install options

[ Edited ]

Might be worth adding some information to http://community.hexagongeospatial.com/t5/GMSC-Tutorials/GMSC-2018-3-Hexagon-App-Launcher/ta-p/27340 on silent install options for AppLauncher.exe


e.g. AppLauncher.exe /quiet

Posts: 23
Registered: ‎01-31-2018

Re: Hexagon App Launcher silent install options

... as well as how to uninstall the Hexagon App Launcher by script (cmd.exe or powershell) without showing the UI - DevOps may be interested in this task.

Is there a way to safely remove any Hexagon App Launcher installation by script?


Occasional Contributor
Posts: 9
Registered: ‎11-10-2015

Re: Hexagon App Launcher silent install options

any hints about opportunities to uninstall the AppLauncher by silent parameters?

Posts: 607
Registered: ‎11-12-2015

Re: Hexagon App Launcher silent install options

[ Edited ]

Hi olivergrimm,


The Hexagon App Launcher setup is ready for silent install/uninstall options (/quiet or /passive) 

More information can be found here:




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