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How to get selected items from form table?

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I have a form containing table. Table has Selection mode set to "multiple". I've checked some table rows and now I'm tryinig to get ids of those selected items. How can I do it?

In documentation I've found such description:

If selectionmode="multiple", then saveinsession will store a coma separated string of the ID values; otherwise, the actual ID value will be persisted in the SEC_SESSION table. 

But nothing happens neither after selecting items nor after submiting buttons.


<Form name="WyborCieku2" editable="true">
<FormTab name="NewTabPage1" editable="true" visible="true">
<FormGroup name="NewGroup1" editable="true" visible="true">
<FormField name="FilterField" editable="true" visible="true" datatype="string" required="false" persisted="false" saveinsession="false" type="textfield" override="false">
<FormAction name="NewAction1" label="Filtruj" editable="true" visible="true" />
<FormTable name="rzekiTable" editable="true" visible="true" datatype="guid" lov="SQL[select id, nazwa_rzeki from mphp.rzeki_r where upper(nazwa_rzeki) like '%' || upper({Form.FilterField}) || '%']" required="false" persisted="true" saveinsession="true" expand="true" override="false" idfield="id" selectionmode="multiple" rowcount="15">
<FormTableField name="id" datatype="string" />
<FormTableField name="nazwa_rzeki" datatype="string" />
<FormAction name="anuluj" label="Anuluj" editable="true" visible="true" />
<FormAction name="wybierz" label="Wybierz" editable="true" visible="true" action="SCRIPT[alert('!')]" submit="true" />

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Re: How to get selected items from form table?

If you want to store it in the session you have to use either action="save" or scripting action to post the form (Form/Save or captureGeometry), together with saveinsession property.

If you want to access the selected values on the client side directly you just have to use something like



It will return a JS array of values.



Stefano Turcato
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Registered: ‎07-07-2016

Re: How to get selected items from form table?

Thanks for the solution!

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