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How to make TextField editable for user role?



I have two user roles: EDITOR and READER.

EDITOR role can edit my TextField, while READER role can only read it.

What is the simplest way to make it in GMSC? 

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Re: How to make TextField editable for user role?



since ROLE is available only on authorization property you may apply this simple workaround: define the field twice:

  • the first one is editable with authorization applied
  • the second one is not editable and hidden or shown based on availability of the first one (by default hidden, shown only if the first one is not defined)

so for instance in formsettings:

<FormField name="AUTHEDIT" persisted="false" type="textfield" datatype="string"   authorization="ROLE[myRole]"/>				
<FormField name="NOAUTHVIS" persisted="false" type="textfield" datatype="string"  editable="false" visible="hidden"/>				

together with the following custom script:

IG.vent.on('form:ready', function (context) {    
	if (typeof IG.getItemById('AUTHEDIT') == 'undefined') {



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