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How to open Form for exact item

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I have two tables TableA(id, name) and TableB(id, featureb_id, geometry). So TableB is for storing geometry and TableA is for storing some text data. I've configured in GMSC a feature for TableB (FeatureB).

What I want to do is to click on FeatureB geometry onn the map and open form showing TableA parameters.

I've made an action which opens form, but how to force my form to open exactly on correct row of TableA?

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Re: How to open Form for exact item

Hullo mzebrows,


In your action that is executed from the map's context menu, you could call an "intermediate" form and find TableA's row id from the currently selected geometries of the TableB-based-layer in a form:ready event (IG.getSelectedElements). This row id can then be taken to the call to your TableA detail form (in the request's query string) by executing IG.redirectToWorkflowNode({ nodeid: <workflow-node-id>, urlParams: { id: <TableA-row-id> } })


From my experience, a table-based form (that is, a form having the table-attribute and the idfield-attribute set in FormSettings-Xml) gets the id of the data to be displayed from eighter

  • Querystring parameter id; or
  • Session field <table-attribute-value>.<idfield-attribute-value>)



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Posts: 170
Registered: ‎07-07-2016

Re: How to open Form for exact item


IG.redirectToWorkflowNode with url parameter was this, what I was looking for.





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