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Intergration of GeoMedia Smart Client with other GIS software

Hello Everyone,


We have clients who use Esri software but are in need of a workflow management solution in the mould of GeoMedia Smart Client. So, is GeoMedia Smart Cleint interoperable with other GIS software for example dispalying maps and features through WFS, WMS,WMTS created using ArcGIS Server/GeoServer and from Geodatabases created using ArcGIS Desktop or QGIS?


If there is possibility of intergration, what would be the issues to address?

If not, do we have a workaround of converting the users existing data to formats that can be used in GMSC for workflows while at the same time ensuring that the integrity of the users' data remains and can still be used in their existing desktop GIS solutions.



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Re: Intergration of GeoMedia Smart Client with other GIS software



GMSC can consume WMS, WFS and WMTS services directly on the client side or on the server side together with WebMap. The problem is that if you want to use those datasources in workflows this is not possible. The workflow manager works directly on the database where the data are stored. There is the possibility to integrate in workflows external datasources like webservices, but this needs customization (using the .NET API) and it should not be the first source of data, because there are for sure limitations. So if you want to benefit from all the features available in workflows you have to consider a direct connection from the Workflow Manager application (on the server) and the database where the spatial data are stored.


Talking about the database types we can consume Oracle, SQL Server and PostGIS (this one from version 2016). GMSC and Workflow Manager understand the native spatial metadata from those database providers, no needs of additional information like in GeoMedia. That said, any software that is capable of storing information using standard database metadata are fine to work with. In the case of ArcGIS they have both possibilities: to use native or proprietary metadata and geometry format. In the last versions of ArcGIS ESRI suggests to use what they call "direct connection mode" to store data for instance in Oracle. In this case the software is using Oracle metadata and native spatial geometry type, so we can cooperate with it. There is also the possibility to convert data from proprietary to native style.




Stefano Turcato
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Re: Intergration of GeoMedia Smart Client with other GIS software

Hi Elvon,


In one of our project implementation the core database for GIS resides in arcsde. But the data is stored is in standard oracle spatial geometry format (SDO_GEOMETRY) instead of arcgis standard format (ST_GEOMETRY). As a result we were successfully able to use this data in GeoMedia SmartClient both as a feature and in workflows. Further we are also using arcgis published WMS services directly in GMSC 2015, without any glitches.




Rohit Sinha
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Re: Intergration of GeoMedia Smart Client with other GIS software

how i can display my geoserver  wms directly from  client of geomedia smart client without using administrator


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