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Registered: ‎11-21-2015

Problem Displaying Filter Field in Report

[ Edited ]


We are upgrading a customer from 2015, to 2018. Found problems with some of the reports in v 2018, which works fine in 2015.


In v2018, The error (pls see attachment) comes up whenever a telrik textbox refers to a Filter field in the form.



We use this in the report header to show the user specified query. For eg: generate a transaction report for requests between date1 and date2.


Whats' the issue. ?



<FormReport name="DPS_REPORTING_LP_TRANSREP" label="Transaction Report" format="PDF,XLS" type="overview"/>
    <FormTab name="Report_Tab" label="General">
          <FormGroup name="DetailGroup" label="Details">
                <FormField name="ID" type="textfield" datatype="guidstring" visible="hidden"></FormField>
                <FormField name="CPR_NO" label="Request Number:" type="textfield" datatype="string" required="false" maxlength="40" visible="list"/>
                 <FormField name="REQ_DATE" label="Requested Date:" type="datepicker" datatype="date" required="false" maxlength="15" visible="list,filter" filter="ISBETWEEN" />






Posts: 605
Registered: ‎11-12-2015

Re: Problem Displaying Filter Field in Report

Hi mshameem,


Where is your definition for 'textbox24' or 'textbox25' in the report?

Maybe I am missing something here but I dont see where Fields.FILTER_BETWEEN_L_REQ_DATE is defined.

The report/workflow wasn't altered from 2015 to 2018 versions?

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