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Frequent Contributor
Posts: 101
Registered: ‎04-02-2017

Replacing "(None)" in Editable Combobox

Hi there,


I have an editable combobox that is cleared (intentially through Javascript) after the user selects/types a value in it. It is used to populate a SQL email with a recipient/s, and is cleared so they can add more recipients.

When it is cleared it reverts to "(None)", but as they are on tablets and they want to type/select a new email address they have to delete the "(None)", so they can type a new email address or select from the list.


I have tried to remove this value but it must be hard coded into the function. Is there a way through Javascript to replace the (None) when the field is cleared, or can I completely clear the field some other way? When the form first loads this is cleared.





Technical Evangelist
Posts: 148
Registered: ‎10-20-2015

Re: Replacing "(None)" in Editable Combobox

Hi Josh,

can you please create a simple workflow which demonstrates your issue and attach it to this thread.


Thanks in advance!


Best Regards,


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