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GMSC Discussions

GeoMedia Smart Client community discussion board is where you can create, contribute and share information and knowledge in regards to configuring as well as working with GeoMedia Smart Client. Find your answers, share your knowledge and help build a strong GeoMedia Smart Client community.

GMSC eTraining

Not sure on how to get started or looking for a workflow to get GeoMedia Smart Client up and running. Tutorials provide step by instruction on some of the most common configurations and workflows to get GeoMedia Smart Client configured up and running quickly.


Look here first for answers to your GeoMedia Smart Client questions. Find your answers to common issue's, procedures and more!

GMSC Release Information

Here you will find the latest GeoMedia Smart Client release information. This includes product release as well as maintenance fix release information.


GeoMedia Smart Client provides tools for building and delivering highly-constrained, map-based workflows for the office or the field.


Product Documentation provides you with instant access to the latest versions of all Hexagon Geospatial product documentation. Content is updated regularly, so check here for the most up-to-date information.