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Defining italic font style type

Hi all


I'm working with a point feature in GeoMedia and I wanted to define a Font Style type. The symbols should be simple letters of the font "Arial" but in italics ("A", "B", "C" ...). I could't find a way to set the font to italics. But is this possible at all?


I'm grateful for any hints.




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Registered: ‎02-02-2016

Re: Defining italic font style type

The properties for Italic, Bold, and Underline are not currently available for a Font Style.


However depending on your particular requirements, the Insert Label command (from the Vector tab) may provide an alternate workflow.  Specifically the Insert Label command can be used to label the point features with a single "A" character using the Alignment  of 'Center center' and the Style for the label can be defined using the font 'Arial' with the Italic option selected on the Select Style dialog. 


If you would like to submit a new product idea suggesting the addition of the Italic, Bold, and Underline properties for a Font Style, you can do so using the Product Ideas discussion board.

Frequent Contributor
Posts: 94
Registered: ‎03-02-2017

Re: Defining italic font style type

The Insert Label command is a good workaround. Thanks for that hint!

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