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GeoMedia BatchPlot and PDFCreator - Name of the output file

Hi all,


Is it possible to configure GM BatchPlot and PDF Creator to be able to generate output files with different names. In the BatchPlot utility, if you choose File > Export option, no problem, the files are generated with the configured name in the main map tab. If you choose File > Print and select PDFCreator as printer, all the files are generated files are named 'Document1'. It seems like GM BathPlot utility dosn't send the correct <DocumentName> information to the printer


The only way I have found is to execute BatchPlot in command line by this syntax

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Hexagon\GeoMedia Professional\Program\batchplot" print -printer "PDFCreator" -file "C:\Support\BM\Mantis\648 - BatchPlot_PDFCreator\Output" "C:\Support\BM\Mantis\648 - BatchPlot_PDFCreator\BP.gbp"

and convert the .prn file to pdf by this syntax

for %%p in (*.prn) do "C:\Program Files\PDFCreator\pdfcreator" /PsFile="%%p"


Is it possible to directly use the PDFCreator with a variable file name without use bat file?



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Registered: ‎04-28-2016

Re: GeoMedia BatchPlot and PDFCreator - Name of the output file

unfortunately not

This request has been made for a very long time ( GM6.1 ).

but for INGR / Hexagon this it is not a problem ....

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