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Registered: ‎03-09-2018

GeoMedia / Esri Interoperability

Good Afternoon,


I am working on a project that requires me to provide several of our GIS layers in an Esri compatible format.  This will be an on-going project with the potential for the data to be updated in both systems.  So in an attempt to avoid any kind of data conversion workflow or redundant editing processes I've been experimenting with sharing a SQL Server Spatial database between GeoMedia and Esri.


I've been successful in getting GeoMedia's and Esri's configuration (metadata) tables to live happily in the same database.  I'm even able to view and edit the attributes and geometry of existing features in both systems!


Where I'm running into a problem is adding new features, specifically managing the unique ID attribute of those new features.  Esri manages the updating/sequencing of them through a stored procedure while GeoMedia lets SQL handle it via the identity specification settings on the ID column.  These two methods obviously conflict with one another and I'm wondering if anyone has dealt with this and figured out a work around?




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