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Geomedia desktop, join duplicate records

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I'm trying to get a inner join table (Id vs Id), keeping only de left table records with some columns from rigth table.

So when I get the analyis result, is there's more records than original (left) table, because rigth table repeats Id.

So, here's the question:


Why is happening this, or how can I configure to get only the first record from rigth table?


My left table is an excel 97 list and my rigth table is a "Centerpoint" query from polygons feature class.


attached you'll find an image to try to clarfy this.



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Re: Geomedia desktop, join duplicate records



Are you sure the values in column ID of the right table are unique?

I think, some values must occur several times.


Regards, hesrah

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Re: Geomedia desktop, join duplicate records

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You are getting the correct result for the Join as you have repetative id's on the right side, none of the Join types will give you the result you desire. Effectively you want to do a DISTINCT JOIN if you were doing a Native query. However as you are using Access, try an Aggregation.


For example


Aggregate the two features,


DON'T select Spatial Aggregation, disable if checked

Select the Attribute Aggregation tab and pair  - id/id2

Select the Output Tab with Resolution Operator: First

Create an Output Functional Attribute FIRST(Detail.id2) to prove

or whatever attributes you require.


Posts: 26
Registered: ‎04-24-2017

Re: Geomedia desktop, join duplicate records

Thanks a lot, I'll try and report any issue.

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