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Subtypes in GeoMedia

Dear all,


I am wondering how to make subclasses in GeoMedia as those in Arcgis,

What I need in my case is that I have a feature of type text called "anno" having 3 subtypes called "ELE", "WAT" and "GAS"

And I want when inserting new feature to be able to set it to one of the subtypes of this feature class.

And also view these subtypes in the legend separately.


It will be something like this:




Best Regards

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Re: Subtypes in GeoMedia

What you need to do is create  the 'anno' feature with a 'subtype' attribute. Where you enter 'ELE' or GAS' etc as the subtype.


Once populated you could use Legends > Add Thematic Legend Entry to display subtypes wuth different symbology.


Also , and probably a better method is to Use ABS (Attribute Based Symbology) and assign symbology based on an expression in

the Displayable Property  ie IF(Input.subtype='ELE',TRUE(),FALSE())  This is done Via Advance Tab in Style Properties dialog by creating 3 style for the anno feature


To automate the selection of the feature for digitizing, you would need to build a Picklist for the subtype attribute of the anno feature.


Posts: 132
Registered: ‎05-26-2016

Re: Subtypes in GeoMedia

Just a note you can create group / category legend entries for display.


Here a few examples

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