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Registered: ‎06-22-2016
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postgis raster tables

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does anybody know if there is any way to enable GeoMedia to read raster tables stored on PostGIS?


I'm loading raster files into PostGIS via raster2pgsql but the geometry type it creates the table is 'raster' and according to PostGIS data server documentation, GeoMedia expects a polygon geometry of the raster footprint.


Loading the raster files via GeoMedia is not an option because I need to give access to the raster table to other GIS.



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Re: postgis raster tables



the open source version of PostGIS GDO definitively does not support the PostGIS raster tables. I don't know if the official 2016 version does, but I have strong doubts about it.



Posts: 41
Registered: ‎06-22-2016

Re: postgis raster tables

Hi Pavel,


I forgot to mention but I'm using GeoMedia 2016.



Technical Evangelist
Technical Evangelist
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Registered: ‎02-03-2016

Re: postgis raster tables

Bruno, the PostGIS data server does not support PostGIS native raster data.  In fact, I think the only GDO data server which provides some level of support for the native raster data store of a warehouse is Oracle, with its Oracle GeoRaster system.  - Hal


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