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Designed for university educators, this community contains thousands of pages of curriculum for various products in our Education portfolios. The curriculum includes presentations for lectures and lecture notes, example data, and step-by-step tutorials for students to follow for lab exercises. You may download and use the curriculum materials as is, or use as a template with local data sets.

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Smart M.Apps Curriculum

Get started with building Smart M.Apps, adding content to Smart M.Apps, and working in established Smart M.Apps. For Administrators, a guide to set up and manage the platform is included


ERDAS IMAGINE 2020 curriculum is a set of training exercises, broken down into sections, to teach from the basics of viewing imagery, to advanced spatial modeling building. There are 30 chapters, each containing an instructor PowerPoint presentation, a step by step tutorial, and sample datasets to use for the exercises in the tutorials. The curriculum can be taught in its entirety, or separated out for a more customized training experience. All Universities are entitled to use this curriculum in their courses free of change.

IMAGINE Photogrammetry Curriculum

IMAGINE Photogrammetry 2020 Curriculum is a set of training exercises broken down into sections, to assist in the teaching of IMAGINE Photogrammetry. The course is arranged in a set of Power Point presentations, a step by step tutorial, and example data. The curriculum has a workflow from beginning to end to complete the entire IMAGINE Photogrammetry Core functionality from building a blockfile with a set of digital aerial photos, to collecting ground control points, though to triangulation and creating color balanced mosaics.

M.App Enterprise Education Program

M.App Enterprise lets you host on-premise Hexagon Smart M.Apps securely across your enterprise. Create, test, refine, and deploy Smart M.Apps for your academic institution. Here you can find information, training exercises to navigate the platform, create some sample apps, and learn about all the features and functions of M.App Enterprise. See some apps in action and how cities are becoming Smart Cities with Mapp Enterprise.

M.App X Education Program

M.App X provides tools to exploit imagery and create imagery-derived information products and reports, deployed in an enterprise platform for System Integrators. Image Analysts can connect via a browser to access their data in a Shoebox, and then visualize, measure, annotate, run geoprocesses, etc., to execute their IA workflow. Here you can find training documentation, tutorials, an administration guide, etc.

Luciad Education Program

Luciad solutions visualize and analyze objects that move and change on the Earth’s surface – planes, trains, ships, people movement, infrastructure, and more. These high-performance visualization and analysis solutions are interoperable with other systems, technology, and data. The Luciad Education Program has 3 different offerings: desktop, server and browser. Here you can test drive the product, request access to the Developer platform, and see some training examples.

Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs

The Remote Sensing Portal, a product of Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs, is an online learning portal designed to boost knowledge of remote sensing theory and satellite image processing practical applications. It includes a flexible certification program and offers 16 ERDAS IMAGINE online short courses in addition to 3 certificate programs