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Re: Black fill around image after mosaic

Hi Mladen,


Unfortunaltey not in the way I think you need. You could open the image into a 2D View as Pseudo Color (on the Options tab of the File Chooser) and then, for each band, you can use the Thematic tab / Edit group / Recode tab to recode values of 1 to 0. But this can only work a band at a time, so it wouldn't be "only when all bands = 1". So if a pixel had values 12,4,30,1 you'd end up with 12,4,30,0.


I think the quickest approach is to use the Model and then rename the result to the original image name so that your Block Project picks the new images up automatically.




Ian Anderson
Chief Product Owner, Desktop Remote Sensing
Hexagon Geospatial