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Accepted Solution

CCD and Displacement Mapping with Sentinel InSAR Data and procedure

Dear Sir,


I am using ERDAS 2016 with IMAGINE SAR INTERFEROMETRY module to produce the below maps from Sentinel 1A InSAR data:


  1. 3-Color CCD map
  2. Interferogram  of volcano erupt
  3. Displacement Map with ERDAS Interferometer tools and Sentinel-1A SLC data.

But when I define input file in both CCD and Displacement Wizard dialog of ERDAS,  it gives me the error "Can't allocate Space".


The Sentinel 1A inSAR input images has two bands (Magnitude and Phase) and are well readable in Sentinel Toolbox software.  


However in ERDAS it gives the above message and also SAR node not present. Message


My questions are:


  1. Why I am receiving the error message "Can't allocate Space"
  2. Which is the best data and format that shall be defined in sentinel SAR search form ? I Mean, which parameter shall be selected from the below options, so that the downloaded data read well in ERDAS for producing CCD maps and Displacement Map:
    1. Satellite Platform : S1A or S1B ?
    2. Product Type : SLC, GRD or OCN ?
    3. Polarization: HH, VV, HV, VH, HH+HV, or W+VH
    4. Sensor Mode: SM, IW, EW, WV
    5. Relative Orbit Number ? I guess it is automatic when we select AOI ?
    6. Collection: there is only one option “S1B_24AUG2016” shell I select it or leave it blank ?

kindly note that my goal is to produce  above 3 maps. Based on these goal kindly provide me the best parameters.


Best Regards


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Re: CCD and Displacement Mapping with Sentinel InSAR Data and procedure