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Can I use Nvidia Geforce series to use for ERDAS IMAGINE 2018?



I am trying to see if there are any laptop PCs environments where I can use the

Deep Learning (especially Object detection) function, with GPU acceleration.


I have come across Nvidia Geforce series of GPUs for laptops,

but in the Release guide for ERDAS IMAGINE 2018 Update 2, 

the Geforce series are not mentioned as recommended graphic cards.


Are Nvidia Geforce series compatible for GPU acceleration?

Also if there are any specific model numbers of Geforce series 

which are recommendable, it will be much appreciated.


Thank you, 


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Re: Can I use Nvidia Geforce series to use for ERDAS IMAGINE 2018?

Any Nvidia card that support CUDA technology can be used for  accelerating performance of the Deep learning object detection operators. The recommended graphic cards list in ERDAS IMAGINE 2018 Update 2 release guide is specifically for stereo visuialization. 


Best regards, Sam