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Cannot set default input/output directories

Apologies - i originally posted this in the instructions sections - so feel free to delete my post there.




Setting input/output in my preferences is a great timesaver and I have used it for years - but since updating to Imagine 2018 (and getting a new computer with 2 hard drives - Windows 10) I cannot save the input or output directories in preferences anymore. It saves for the current session but then reverts to an old setting I had (for a folder that no longer exists) at each restart of Imagine.


Ive tried the reset to factory default value buttonsa as well but each time it goes back to this after shut down - a setting that did take last year.




Ive tried recreating the deleted folder, and then resetting incase this was a bug for deleetd folders, but I get the same issue.





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Re: Cannot set default input/output directories

Hi. This sounds like an issue with your preferences file. When you change your default directories and save preferences, check that your v8preference file in Users/yourname/.imagine1650 has updated (you can open it with a text editor). if not, that's your issue. Cheers, Johnnie

Posts: 25
Registered: ‎03-28-2019

Re: Cannot set default input/output directories

Thanks Johnnie - i thought it might be something like that.


I gave that a go but was still reverting to the old defaults, but then found another defaults subfolder Users/yourname/.imagine1650/defaults and by editing that file in a text editor i can now get it to remember these. Doesn't work through my Erdas pref menu for some reason, weird.


Anyway problem solved thanks for the tip, wasnt sure where that config file was kept.