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Classification changing LAS version

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I have a point cloud downloaded from - according to the point cloud metadata in Erdas (i cant find it in the metadata online for the point cloud) it is LAS 1.2. When I classify the point cloud in Erdas Imagine - the metadata now reads 1.3. Does the classification software do this conversion intentionally, and if so why not to 1.4 if it is the latest?




I dont mind if it is converting - just want to make sure it is doing it right, plus this is a relatively recent lidar file, so not sure if it really is 1.2 - thats why I am asking.





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Re: Classification changing LAS version

Hi Conor,


The point Cloud classification does the classification and passes the classified points to the Point Cloud Output operator and that is the operator that actually creates the classified LAS file. 


Point Cloud output operator by default generates LAS 1.3. But you can change it to 1.4 using the FormatVersion port.


Best regards, Sam

Posts: 25
Registered: ‎03-28-2019

Re: Classification changing LAS version

Thanks Sam