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Registered: ‎10-26-2015
Accepted Solution

Clump and Eliminate

I have a raster continuous imager that I have classified and recoded down to two classes (land and water).  The imagery was high resolution and was really noisy.   Wanting to get rid of all those little single and small groups of pixels in my thematic layer.  I have tried to run the Clump and eliminate functions but the output eliminate file has only one record.  Not sure why this is occuring.  Any thoughts.

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Re: Clump and Eliminate

Hi William,


Small noise (Pepper) effects in thematic image are removed using Statistical Filter- Max, Min, Median,Majority,Minority funtions.




Open thematic Image in a Viewer>Thematic Menu>Statistical Filtering, select funtion and matrix.


using this option in ERDAS Imagine unwanted noise (Pepper) effects are get removed.