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Occasional Contributor
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Registered: ‎03-03-2016

Column Contrast does not exist

I am trying to create one single ECW file from many TIFF images. The TIFF images are already cut into adjacent georeferenced 1x1 km tiles and their radiometry shall remain unchanged, i.e. no mosaicking or color balancing is needed.


I am using the function Manage Data -> Export and select all the TIFF files as input and an ECW file as output. However, along with the Export ECW Data dialog an error message appears: "Column Contrast does not exist"/"Column open failed". When quitting the eror messages processing is made but only one of the input TIFF tiles was output.


Is the Export function the correct approach for creating one file from many? And what could the reason for the noted error message be?

Version is 15.



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Re: Column Contrast does not exist

You probably need to run Mosaic before you can get out single ECW. The approach you are doing now will generate separate ECW from each TIF you input. And error message you got is most likely linked to TIF's missing statistics or read/write lock of input TIF files.


So start MosaicPro as a first step and try again through that.