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Combine attributes from three features

I have a routine that creates three features from the input data. I want to combine these attributes/classes into one feature dataset. At the moment I'm doing this:


(the image upload here isn't very useful is it?)


What I'd like to do is skip the conversion back to raster and just combine all three features into one directly. I've tried messing around like this:


but that's as far as I've got. I can't figure out a way to combine them. Any ideas?


Cheers, Johnnie

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Re: Combine attributes from three features



Joining multiple feature steams is not available in the current release, it sure is a useful enhancement and we will add it to the road map.


Anyways, if I understand your workflow correctly,  you are generating one feature stream from a raster and then using different spatial filter criteria to split them into seperate streams, then want to update an attribuite based on the selection to denote the criteria.


Not sure if there can be a hack to achieve it, but may be we can use some clever table operations. These hacks would need a better understanding of assumptions of the spatial crieteria.





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Re: Combine attributes from three features

Thanks Kumar,


Great; certainly would be good to have that feature.


The workaround I'm using works fine so not sure it's worth worrying about using table operators.