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Occasional Contributor
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Registered: ‎10-26-2015

Continuous to Thematic

I performed a unsupervised classification on a continuous image.  I have recoded down to a few classes.  When I open up the attribute table there are no colors that I can change or associated with the classes, only row and histogram.  When I view the metadata the TYPE is Continuous.  I went to edit and change layer type but the type does not change.  What am I missing here.  


Much Appreciated

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Registered: ‎06-01-2016

Re: Continuous to Thematic

Hello William,


Did you edit the metadata in the Manage Tab > Edit Image Metadata? This seems to work for me, but running an edit through the metadata viewer does not.  






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Re: Continuous to Thematic

This is classic Imagine failure. Having image file open in viewer prevents editing layer and changing layer type.


So when opening file to metadata editor make sure it is not open in Viewer in same time. Also different raster formats might act differently here. In Erdas own .img format this works easily than in some other formats (like TIF). I have not found the final logics of this issue but these two definetly affects on this issue.




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Re: Continuous to Thematic

Hi William,


When displaying your classified image in IMAGINE’s 2D Viewer be sure to choose Pseudo Color from the Display as menu under the Raster Options tab in the Select Layer To Add dialog.






Stephen Bent

Hexagon Geospatial Support