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Crop water stress index (CWSI)



Please, Does anybody know which is or if there is an Index type inside Imagine that can process crop water stress index?
If there is no natively, is possible to create using Spatial Model?



Technical Evangelist
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Re: Crop water stress index (CWSI)

Hi Wolmar,


What is the formula that you want to use for the crop water stress index (CWSI)? All of the indices available in ERDAS IMAGINE are described in the help documentation. You may find an index similar to CWSI in the list of hydrological indices. If not, it is certainly possible to create the index using the Spatial Modeler.


I would also advise you to review this article about adding a custom index to the Indices tool: Adding a custom index to the Indices tool




Stephen Bent

Hexagon Geospatial Support

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Re: Crop water stress index (CWSI)

Hi Stephen,


First of all, thank you so much for your answer.


I don't know what's the formula but this kind of Index is being requested in an RFP (Request For Proposal) like a technical functionality.


Isn't necessary to have this INDEX natively. If we can construct this INDEX using our Spatial Modeler, for, me it's ok!


Anyway, I will analyze the list of hydrological indices.


Thanks a lot!

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Re: Crop water stress index (CWSI)

If I were to expand this question to include Leaf Area Index (NDVI input) in Spatial Modeller, is there any documentation? I'm a bit surprised that this has not come up many times. Searches do not yield any discussion.

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Re: Crop water stress index (CWSI)

I am not sure is it worth of document and discuss each index separately. In nutshell process is this if index does not exist ready in Imagine


  1. Find parameters for your index you need from literature where you can get it
  2. Take any index in imagine that is more or less close to one you want
  3. Copy that as a template to spatial modeller and start modify it for your needed index
  4. Adjust and test the parameters as you like


Of course there can be a discussion for each index separately and how to tune up parameters. This community is still so small that there are not hundreds of users testing indexes all the time. So it is unrealiistic to expect that someone have had experiences of each tested index and rerady to discuss immediately. Another aspect here is that testing/developing indexes and their parameters via spatial modeller is so simple that it is probably way faster just test than start wating others experiences.


So use spatial modeller and apply the index you need. That is fastest and simplest way to get some index that is missing in use.