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DLT issue when hit the solve model

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Hello everyone,


I have already posted about using AutoSync to perform many aerial images..


Before I go dive into further details, I have already contact ERDAS Hexagon about the problem and still not have resolve it.


When I first install ERDAS Imagine 2016 last year and it was fine.


I got the training to learn how to use ERDAS Autosync through my employer and was told to use DLT to work on historicial aerial photos..


So since my computer upgrade to Windows 10 this past January of this year 2018.


So when I start work on them using AutoSync and use DLT as a Geometric Model.


So when I create  8 control points about 8 and I hit the "Set Automatic Transformation Calculation".


I got an error that says "Model cannot be solved"


What might go wrong here ?


I have uninstall and re-install the files and the patches as well....


Thank you,


Robert Pollock



Posts: 25
Registered: ‎12-06-2017

Re: DLT issue when hit the solve model

I wanted to let everyone know that I have solve the problem. It is NOT the software itseft ..


It was on my bad part... I did not read myself ..


So when you placed at least 6 points, first either run solve the model to check for errors and fix and move or delete the points....


Then you can hit the APM when your control points are in the 0 to 4 RMSE range...



me --->:   Man Embarassed



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Re: DLT issue when hit the solve model

Thanks for revealing the truth. It might be humiliating to you but might help someone else Smiley LOL


Bascially my comment is that your question was well justified. Imagine tools are not great when telling why something went wrong. I have fight with unsolvable photogrammetric models and I think better error messages would help. "Model could not be solved due lack of control points" etc. This kind of error messages would lead user faster on correct tracks than the messages we currently get.

Posts: 25
Registered: ‎12-06-2017

Re: DLT issue when hit the solve model

Thank you !


Yes you are right. Especailly as a beginner who dont know the behind of AutoSync and it is pain sometimes...So sort things out and if one don't know I would encourage to post anything on this site...


It took me to figure it out and when I read the exercise and there were some mixed up to which one to start or not...


So, it is tricky to figure it out.