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Does ERDAS Imagine allows you to do close-range photogrammetry?

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I wonder if it ERDAS Imagine is the right hexagon tool for close range / Architectural photogrammetry  to allow  export a 3D model of an object.




It seems to me that Erdas IMAGINE is specific for dealing with with aerial images (Airborne/Satellite), point clouds (LIDAR)? Do you have any suggestion how can I accomplish Architectural photogrammetry using Hexagon products as it is on the image bellow?




Thank you

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Re: Does ERDAS Imagine allows you to do close-range photogrammetry?



MAGINE Photogrammetry is designed for nadir and near nadir imagery. Our customers are using IMAGINE Photogrammetry with close-range projects as well, however, this looks different than architectural close-range projects. This seems to be a full 3D, volumetric object reconstruction project. It would be difficult with one of our terrain extraction tools since our DTM extraction is practically 2.5D instead of full 3D.


You may try establishing a common coordinate system, do the triangulation and terrain extraction from multiple sides, and then merge the 3D points into a full 3D format (e.g. LAS). When you set up a block file, you have to enter one flying height that is valid for entire block. In this case flying height is the distance between the camera and the target. However, it looks like image acquisition is done using a hand-held camera from multiple distances. You must also enter camera parameters (focal length, principal point coordinates, etc.) which is usually taken from camera calibration reports.


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