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Accepted Solution

ERDAS Engine Licenses Count

Dear all,

In a workstation that is configured like this:


  • 1 IMAGINE Photogrammetry license;
  • 1 IMAGINE Photogrammetry to PRO license;
  • 1 IMAGINE Expansion Pack license;
  • 1 IMAGINE AUTODTM license;

How many erdas engine licenses are available?

4 from photogrammetry, 4 from IMAGINE PRO and 4 from AutoDTM?


I read in the "ERDAS ENGINE Whitepaper 2015" that:

"Auto DTM add-on to IMAGINE Photogrammetry. This particular module does include effectively anadditional ERDAS Engine by providing 4 additional ERDAS Engine Process (eeprocess) unlocks."

Giuseppe M.

Technical Evangelist
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Re: ERDAS Engine Licenses Count

Hello Giuseppe,


ERDAS Engine (eeprocess) feature is included in IMAGINE Photogrammetry and IMAGINE Auto DTM licenses, so you will have 8 eeprocess features total.


IMAGINE Photogrammetry to IMAGINE Professional license does not include all features from IMAGINE Professional license, it upgrades the IMAGINE Advantage license delivered with IMAGINE Photogrammetry to the full functionality available with IMAGINE Professional. So it adds improf (IMAGINE Professional) and Spatial_Model_Editor features.



Kind Regards,
Marina Vardovska
Hexagon Geospatial Support
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Registered: ‎10-27-2015

Re: ERDAS Engine Licenses Count

Thanks Marina, Regards